Search Galveston County Civil Court Records; Hurricane Ike Litigation; Standing Order No. 1; Civil Expunction Proceedings; Court Directory. Family Division. Search Galveston County Family Court Records; Texas Attorney General's Website; Court Directory; Criminal Division. Search Galveston County Criminal Court Records; Court Directory; OCA ... Galveston County District Court Records - If you are looking for correct and complete information about your neighbor, colleague or friend then you need to use trustworthy background check service.

Galveston county's housing characteristics are collected from 136,160 dwellings making up 0.1 percent of all U.S. housing, includes a survey of either inhabited 111,953 or uninhabited 24,207 domiciles. Data coverage of various rentals or owned structures containing 1 room to 9 rooms. Galveston County Court Records - If you are looking for information about someone you just met then our background check sites can provide you with the details you need. Page Content The Galveston County District Clerk's Civil Section maintains civil case records such as contract, consumer lawsuits, personal injury, and delinquent tax suits.  Civil Documents and Forms ​ ​ Search Civil Court Records