David, the KISS interface is designed to connect to BPQ32 and uses FLDIGI as a modem aka TNC. TNC (Tiny 4) to TNC (FLDIGI) is not supported. The interface is designed to except and transfer data from software using the KISS protocol over UDP/IP and to be transmitted using FLDIGI.

er/terminal and the TNC are sending data to each other at the same speed (baud rate) and format. Most packcteers use 4800 or 9600 bauds betweenthe TNC and the terminal with 8databits. no parity. and onestopbit. Set the terminal or your terminal program to the de­ sired baud rate and these parameters. Some TNCs have a switch on the back that lets you This application differs from most APRS software in that it isn't designed just to be used with TNCs in terminal mode. UI-View also supports TNCs in KISS mode, AGWPE host mode and BPQ host mode. The 32 bit version of UI-View also supports WA8DED/TF host mode, and the variant of it used in the SCS PTC-II and PTC-IIe.