Split Bedroom House Plans. A house with split bedrooms has the master suite separated from other bedrooms, whether by putting the great room between them or by having them placed on different floors. Not only does this create a more private master suite, but it also gives the kids their own space, making it ideal for families with older children.

There is a 5 ton unit on my roof now and I had Mini Split Guys install a 1 ton heat pump in the living room. There is so much cooling from that one little unit it cools everything but the farthest bedrooms. It really is amazing! This has cut my APS bill in half and I have more comfort! I want another one in the master bedroom! Kent H. Phoenix The only ductless mini split air conditioning and heating unit that is easy to install for thousands less than a conventional HVAC system. MRCOOL DIY is a fully sealed system and doesn't require an HVAC professional or special tools. The LETO Series by Senville, is an affordable and efficient way to cool and heat your home. This mini split air conditioner and heat pump (up to 5F/-15C) is a great permanent addition to any home or business. With SEER ratings as high as 19, the LETO Series, offers powerful cooling, heating and dehumidification functions.