Jun 04, 2019 · Shop the post – find the articles featured in this kitchen . Best shades of blue and navy for cabinets. Blues are soothing and stylish, and they are growing in popularity. By far, the most popular blues are in the navy family (this holds true for cabinets, walls, area rugs and other home decor). See 10 Clever ways to decorate with navy. Navy ... Jan 27, 2019 · When I first saw this kitchen online, I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. After walking through with my realtor on day one, I sketched this drawing of the kitchen design (or course with the large navy blue kitchen island taking center stage) both before and after so I could take it home and show my uncle what I wanted to do. Jan 20, 2020 · Therefore, navy blue kitchen cabinet is the perfect shade to have in a large kitchen because you will be able to see that this color stands out. Moreover, navy blue helps to balance out the heat and light. Dark Blue Kitchen Island

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets. Navy blue kitchen cabinets have been a trend setting color choice for the last two years. Navy blue is considered a neutral color, yet, when used on cabinetry, becomes a statement making color, that makes the space unique and one of a kind. Navy blue is a color that is traditional and timeless, creating a sophisticated look that will remain forever tasteful when used in interior decor. Like a midnight blue sky or the waters of the deep blue sea, navy blue will add depth to any space you use it in. Similar to the color black, you can almost never go wrong with navy blue.