The profile is a 2 3/4" ogee/reverse ogee, a furniture size molding that was very likely a cabinetmaker's plane long before the American Revolution. It has the classic round topped wedge, with a round topped iron that is not marked and was probably sourced locally. The tote is offset all the way to the right,... They used wooden molding planes. Each of these is guaranteed to be an historic English furniture making tool in good working order with the original single iron and wedge, and to have either a maker's or owner's initials or name stamped on the body. A Quirk, Ogee and Bevel Complex Molding Plane by Brown and Barnard, C1800 to 1803. Marked 5/8 on the heel plus owners name.

7A1 Ogee moulding plane and 7E6 Reverse Ogee with Square moulding plane Antique and Vintage Tools. Please verify all the descriptions for the planes and tools are accurate. Owner's descriptions on the white labels have not been verified. A scarce very wide handled moulding plane by Edward PRESTON of Birmingham. 3 3 / 4 inches total width.. Possibly a cornice or crown moulding plane, these handled wide moulding planes were used to create the decorative cornices for furniture and room interior fittings.