Feb 01, 2018 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Unintentional BB and pellet gun-related injuries that occur during unsupervised activities are preventable. Parents considering the purchase of a BB or pellet gun for their children should be aware of the potential hazards of these guns, and should help to ensure the safety of their children in the presence of a BB or pellet gun.

Q: If I reduce the air pressure to less than 30 psi, can I allow my employees to clean their clothing and/or themselves with the air gun? A: No. Under no circumstances should employees use compressed air to clean off clothing or any part of their body. Pressures as low as 5-10 psi have been known to cause serious injury. Pellet guns are fun for shooting cans off fences, shooting at targets and trying to hit branches in a tree; but a pellet gun can really hurt another person so always practice safe shoot procedures, especially when you choose to go out hunting with your pellet gun.