The Project Proposal Bank at TISS serves as a mechanism connecting companies doing CSR with flagship projects of development partners. The programme aims to generate a repository of innovative sustainable, and outcome – oriented social development projects. To obtain a certificate from a certificate authority (CA), you must first generate certificate signing request (CSR) files for the signing keys and encryption keys from the IBM Cognos keystores. The CA uses these files to produce a signing certificate, an encryption certificate, and a CA certificate that you import into your keystores.

How do I obtain a Certificate Signing Request? All I'm trying to do is get my app running on my ipod touch. This was easy as I could just go to the IOS development portal and just download one, no muss no fuss. But now they want me to create a CSR to create a provisioning profile and I don't know how. The CSR must contain a minimum of the following fields: Organization Organizational Unit Locality (City) State/Province Country (2 character code) Common Name (Fully Qualified Domain Name) Another possibility is that the CSR contains non-alphanumeric characters in the required fields. Make sure your CSR begins with 5 dashs and ends with 5 dashs ... Resolving Errors With Your CSR. ... If these steps do not resolve the CSR error, generate a new CSR and resubmit. ... Submit. Cancel.