The Doctor's Best Bacopa With Synapsa is a supplement that is designed to support your brain function and cognitive abilities. It has ingredients that the brain needs to function properly, and can help you save your brain function over time instead of losing your memory as you age. The highest we have ever gotten was 24% on our own extract we did. Bacognize is like 12.6%. Synapsa is only coming out at like 8-9%, which is surprising to us. There are people out there claiming to have 50% by HPLC. However, their testing methodology is faulty.

Synapsa is a patented extracted of bacopa, an herb long revered for promoting cognitive health. Each serving delivers 320 mg of Synapsa bacopa extract, which is standardized to 55% bacosides, one of the active components of bacopa. Long-term Synapsa benefits manifest within 75-90 days of daily use of this memory supplement. Main ingredient of Synapsa. Bacopa Monnieri extract is a major component of Synapsa. Bacopa Monnieri extract has a huge range of active ingredients that improve mental function and strengthen the immune system. It’s similar to how supplement companies don’t make ubiquinol CoQ10 and instead, buy it from Kaneka. The same thing goes on with bacopa; the best supplement brands often buy it from Synapsa or BacoMind. Should you take bacopa at night or day? These instructions say to take one v-cap per day with breakfast.